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About Us

Since the inception of Paulís over 100 years ago, our Agency continues to serve the insurance needs of some of the top Southern U.S. companies, ranging from major corporations to smaller, privately owned businesses. Paulís has a proud history of providing cost-effective business insurance programs that protect our clientís hard earned assets.

We have a vested interest in the success of our clients and manage their insurance programs accordingly. Paulís ability to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace is credited to a very simple concept:

ďA clientís trust is the highest honor achieved in our business.Ē

Who is Paul?

Paul Schreier (1898-1961) was a 1915 Graduate of the University of Mississippi in Civil Engineering. In 1921, after returning from service in the US Army in World War I, Schreier moved to Morgan City, Louisiana from his hometown of Vicksburg, Mississippi and acquired the Morgan City Realty and Insurance Agency, which had been in business since 1901. In 1930, he changed the name of the company to Paul's Agency, Inc. Paul Schreier not only found success as a businessman, but also gained recognition as a humanitarian, philanthropist and civic leader.